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Dry brittle hair care methods

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Dry brittle hair care methods 583

1,   Broken hair What are the reasons? In fact, often broken hair, more concerned with the physical factors. Our observation of hair under the microscope to view the surface layer of the hair cuticle scaly. Although it looks very thin, but it is hair-pin barrier. Like a snail’s shell, like, play a role in protecting the internal structure of the hair. If it is damaged, it will lead to increased friction when combing, eventually leading to the cuticle off, let the hair core internal structure becomes fragile and easily broken.

Physiologist noted that healthy hair has not been damaged epidermis, should undergo cleaning and hair dryer 1000, 5500 hours exposure, after carding a thousand times before they become fragile and easily broken. In the winter season, but if the exchange, we did not do a good job protecting the hair and let it dry environment to withstand the outside, sand invasion, but gradually becomes stronger in the sun without a good sunscreen, it will lead to is located in the outermost layer of the hair cuticle damage.


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