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7 fragile psychology of love: love to have a shelf life (1)

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7 fragile psychology of love: love to have a shelf life (1) 201312161115191

1, Men need self-esteem, they “face” more than anything else.

Men always have a strong self-esteem, have a superior sense of superiority, they like to listen to the woman’s words of praise and hope occasional sentences appropriate recognition, but must be from the heart, never hokey.
If you really love him, put his pride as your close friends as care of it! Hurt his self-esteem if he does not love you, and may even hate you forever.

For example, proud of your career, do not let him resulting pressure; When he was frustrated when he was not too concerned about showing the pros and cons, otherwise he will feel you are pressing harder and harder; If he talk on the outside, big blow leather, do not expose him, let him thoroughly discredited......

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