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7 fragile psychology of love: love to have a shelf life (2)

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7 fragile psychology of love: love to have a shelf life (2) 201312161115150

4,  Men want their favorite thing to do .

Women should understand and support the men do the things they like to do . There are a man married six years , have been doing nothing. He graduated from college work " line" was awarded the New York University student film festival for best director, best film award , was always " hanging around " at home , to find people to appreciate his play , but also to find people to invest for him to make a movie .

In those years , he has done is this: play baseball, hang out in the street to see the movie with with children , writing scripts, doing three meals a day and in a daze . Rely on his wife 's salary to support the . Because there is no income, he was discouraged to produce their own despair ......

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