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Antimatter spacecraft to Mars will help realize the dream of mankind

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Antimatter spacecraft to Mars will help realize the dream of mankind 5011

Antimatter spacecraft – one of the latest scientific and technological inventions, first appeared in Williamson’s “antimatter spaceship,” a book, it is first in the 1942-1943 period in the “Amazing Stories” serial. U.S. spacecraft to study antimatter positrons as fuel, six weeks can be reached Mars. Positron fuel just to tens of milligrams, twice as fast as the speed of the spacecraft than nuclear power.
NASA Institute for Advanced concepts (NIAC) is funding a research group, which is working spacecraft to study antimatter as a power. Fuel weight is lighter than sugar. Science fiction, most autonomous starships use antimatter as fuel, because antimatter is the most promising fuel. To put a man on Mars, would require thousands of tons of chemical fuel, but if antimatter as fuel, then just tens of milligrams of antimatter (a milligram is about one thousandth of the weight of sugar) can help mankind to achieve the dream of Mars on board, and only six weeks.

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